How bad is a pumpkin spice latte for you?

You see this the minute that October hits: Halloween, fall, and pumpkin spice latte. They’re everywhere, even when you don’t want to see them. The aroma of pumpkin spice is something that’s around, and you might think everything is great. Is it though?

The problem, is that these lattes are very sweet, savory, and delicious, but it has a lot of bad health effects, particularly on your oral health, especially the teeth and the gums. While it might be a nice little treat every now and then, you shouldn’t have these every single day, and here is why it might not be good.

Now, the first, is the sugar content. Don’t even think that there isn’t sugar in this, because in truth, it’s loaded with sugars that can detrimentally affect the teeth. When it comes to the teeth, you need to watch out for sugar, because too much of it can cause tooth decay, advance it, and make it worse.

Now, how does it cause tooth decay? Well, if you think about it, there are hundreds of bacteria that are helpful to the mouth, but there are some that will feed on the sugars there, and this will create acids. Acids wipe away the surface and this attacks the enamel on the tooth. This will cause cavities, and if you continue to leave these untreated, it will cause pain, or even eventual tooth loss. So PSL once or twice might not be bad, but let’s face it, if you are already eating a very high-sugar diet, then you need to start looking at what you’re eating, because this does cause tooth loss.

Now, let’s go over the factor of stained teeth. Stained teeth are something that the first person will see immediately. Whenever you meet someone new, the first thing they look at is the teeth. If you are someone that loves coffee in general, PSLs not just being the only thing, it can make this enamel look kind of due, since the enamel is stained by the staining chemicals and dyes in this.

Now, how does coffee affect this? tea, wine, and coffee are the trifecta of various stain-causing foods that you need to watch out for. Now, when you glide and touch over your teeth, you’ll feel that it’s smooth, but in reality, there are small holes, pits, and ridges, and these holes can hold various bacteria and food particles from the food and drinks that you have. This in turn will then start to stain the tooth, and this will start to stain the rest of the enamel, making the look start to become more and more drab. This is something that a lot of coffee drinkers suffer from, and it’s a problem that many people seem to struggle with.

The best thing that you can do right now, is make sure that you’re keeping up with your oral health. This includes, brushing and flossing for your teeth. Brush twice a day and floss once a day, and from there, you can then also see your dentist. You should be going in to see the dentist for a teeth cleaning, which is the best way to combat the effects of tooth decay. There are varieties of teeth cleaning that you can get, and if you do need a deep cleaning, you can get that. Whitening is another option, and you can do this at the dentist as well with a whitening service. By doing this, you’ll make the teeth nice and shiny, to help combat the effects of those lattes.

The holidays are a time when it’s hard for us to really avoid these sugary foods, and PSLs are the start of this season. But, the best thing to do at this point, is to not despair, but you should see your dentist whenever you can, and get the oral health care that you need. With this, you can fight the plaque that will wipe away the enamel, help to restore your smile, and do away with the stains that are there. It’s simple, but preventative care can help you with this in many different and helpful ways as well.

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